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A woman at the office overlooking the city skyline
A woman at the office overlooking the city skyline

Trademark Monitoring

 If a trademark holder fails to police a mark, the USPTO may deem the mark abandoned and subsequently strip the mark holder of their rights. As a result, trademark holders must constantly defend their trademark to ensure continued use.



Trademark holders typically protect their rights through two mechanisms: 

  • Upon discovery of trademark misuse, a trademark holder may send a cease and desist letter demanding that a third party cease all use of the registered mark.

  • If a cease and desist letter is ignored, the trademark holder will typically bring a lawsuit for trademark infringement.  Federal registration of the mark allows individuals to file suit in federal court.

A woman looking at charts on the screen

Registered Trademark Monitoring Service


Breeze Monitoring Service:

  • Monthly USPTO Monitoring 

  • Monthly Website Domain Monitoring

  • Monthly Social Media Account Monitoring

  • Immediate Cease and Desist Issuance

  • One Free TM search each month for new business ideas

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